Pogrebishche Jewish Cemetery #ukraine

Joshua Skarf <jskarf@...>

I have finished uploading 600+ images of about 380 tombstones in the old Pogrebishche Jewish cemetery online.

I created a google account called "A. Pogrebishche" for the purpose of sharing these images.

Anyone who is interested in seeing them should send an email to pogrebishchejewishcemetery@...
and ask to have the album shared with them. I will then add your email address to the list of people who have
access to the album. This will also help create a list of people researching Pogrebishche.

Each photo has a caption, which you can see on the right side of the screen if viewing it in slideshow mode.
The caption is in the format A-001, A-002, etc. (we took pictures in four areas, which I called A, B, C, and D).

If there are more than one photo of a given headstone, they will be labeled as A-001a, A-001b, etc. It is possible that

I failed to notice that two photos were of the same tombstone, in which case please let me know and I'll adjust the captions.

In addition to the photos themselves, I have used the cemetery project's standard spreadsheet as the basis for a spreadsheet for
these tombstones. I started filling it out but realized that I needed help. Therefore, anyone who emails me will also get access
to the spreadsheet online, using google drive, and if you decipher some tombstones, I ask that you update the spreadsheet
so that others can see the information as well. Once the spreadsheet is filled out, we can submit it to be part of the searchable
database online.

Many of the tombstones are either illegible or broken. Some have writing in Hebrew and some in Russian. I tried to note this on
the spreadsheet. Sometimes manipulating the contrast and brightness of an image in photoshop helps make the writing more legible. 

Please be patient, I will try to check the email account once a day and share with people accordingly.


Josh Skarf
Pogrebishche Town Leader

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