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Gale Marshall asked what records are available for Kiev and Kazatin. The
Kiev State Archives has a large number of records for the Jewish population
of the Kiev region. Only birth records for the year 1850 are available
through the Mormons. Ukraine SIG has a project going on to scan that
microfilm and add the names on it to the JewishGen Ukraine database. For
Kazatin, we currently have no records available. Since the archives do not
offer a catalog of records available, we have no way to know what records
for that town may exist. For the records that have not been filmed by the
Mormons, you would need to hire a researcher to go in and look for you. The
archives throughout Ukraine are not organized like western archives, and
there is no easy way to know what is available. They have also not been
free in giving the Mormons permission to film their vital records. Ukraine
SIG has had some success in working with other organizations to obtain vital
records in some towns in Ukraine, but Kiev is not one of them, to date. We
do have other records awaiting transcription and entry into the database,
including the 1935 Kiev Telephone directory.

For the records we do have, we need volunteers to help by entering names
into Excel templates for upload into the JewishGen Ukraine database. We are
also in need of funds to acquire and translate record sets that we have
already identified. You can help by going to our home page at and taking a volunteer survey
by clicking on the lower right hand corner of the page. Richie Baum is the
Town Leader for Kiev, but we currently have no Town Leader for Kazatin. If
you are interested in becoming a Town Leader, contact me. We continue to
seek the help of volunteers and also ask you to help, if you can't
volunteer, by donating to our various fund raising projects. To donate, go
to see the list of projects we are currently raising money for. Your
tax-deductible contribution (in the US) is always greatly appreciated - not
just by us, but by future researchers who will have access to their own
family history through your JewishGen-erosity.

Chuck Weinstein
Towns Director, Ukraine SIG

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