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Emily Garber

Marlene Rosen Belkin mbelkin@... wrote:
My father's side of the family (ROISEMANN, ROSEMEN) was >from Odessa or
a town nearby. According to a passenger list, my paternal grandfather's
birthplace is MERYBOTZ, Russia. However, on his Declaration of
Intention, his birthplace is listed as WEDZELBOUSH, Russia. I would
appreciate it if someone can tell me if these 2 towns are the same and
any other information that might be helpful.
The question you are trying to answer is one of the most important for
the future of your research. One must do everything to get it right.

When confronted with conflicting information (and, as in this case,
confusing transcriptions), it is always good to 1) go to the original
source, and 2) check all records possible not only for this person,
but also for relatives and friends who may have been >from the same or
nearby communities.

It would be good if readers could see images of the actual records.
Transcriptions may be faulty. A link to the passenger list or a copy
of the image loaded onto JewishGen's ViewMate application would help.
If you don't feel computer savvy enough to provide that, then provide
enough information so that those who wish to help may locate the
records themselves online.

If you have not already done so, see if there are WWI and WWII Draft
records for your gf and any of his male siblings. Check all census
records - you never know when an enumerator may have made a mistake
and listed a town of origin. If your gf married in the USA, get a copy
of the marriage record. Was your gf buried in a landsmanshaftn
(community) burial plot? With which town(s) is the plot associated?

When checking on towns of origin for relatives, be aware that they may
be >from the same or a different community. Is that community near the
one that may be indicated for your gf? Is the province indicated on
any of the records? Look for variations of things like Wolin, Podolsk,
etc. A province designation will help hone in on the correct
geographic area.

If I were to take a wild guess (and I still would not stop my
research), I would look first at Medzhybizh. While in today's Ukraine,
it is not 'near' Odessa. That, actually, is another truism of
genealogical research. Sometimes 'near' means the town is 'closer to
Odessa than Moscow.'

You may see the community page for Medzhybizh at:

Once you've a better idea of what numerous variations of the town name
may be, keep checking. Check Yad Vashem for the family name. Is anyone
listed for that town with your family name? Check the Jewish Gen
Family finder.

This is the fun of research. Once one gets it right, one may do the
happy dance of success.

Emily Garber
Communications Director, Ukraine SIG
Phoenix, AZ

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