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Some points of clarification:

The material on LBI's new web site complements the great work ROM-SIG
has already been doing in this area. Hopefully everyone will continue
to cooperate to avoid duplication of effort.

As I understood LBI's oral presentation at the web site launch on
Monday, their project did not include the National Archives branches.
However, on further exploration of the web site, I realized that is
not the case.

On the contrary, the LBI database includes, for example, a variety of
non-metrical collections at the Suceava branch of the National
Archives, such as:

Boys Elementary School of Radauti, Nr. 1: Various registers.
This collection is for one of the three public elementary schools...
in the first years at least it was attended by both boys and girls.
This school was primarily attended by Romanian children, but
reflective of the diversity of the town, there were also German,
Jewish, and Ukrainian pupils....In later years it appears that the
school became more exclusively Romanian. The collection is fairly
comprehensive with few gaps in the years or class register books.
Creator: Boys Elementary School of Radauti, Nr. 1
Date: 1902-1944
=46ormat: Register books
Extent: 244 items
Language: German, Romanian
Call Number: Scoala primara de baieti nr. 1 Radauti; numar curent 507;
fond 312; inventar nr. 83; dosar nr. various
Bibliographic Citation: Scoala primara de baieti nr. 1 Radauti; numar
curent 507; fond 312; inventar nr. 83; dosar nr. Various; Arhivele
Nationale ale Romaniei, Directia Judeteana Suceava
Rights Holder: Arhivele Nationale ale Romaniei, Directia Judeteana
Suceava, strada Stefan cel Mare nr. 33, cod 720003, jud. Suceava

Consistent with its mission, LBI targeted areas where they expected
the historical Jewish population to be German-speaking. As one might
expect, however, the languages in the collections they encountered
also include Romanian, Hungarian, and Yiddish.

Bob Friedman
Brooklyn, NY

On Wed, 15 Jan 2014 20:41:58 -0800, you wrote:

ROM-SIG has been working on the records >from Southern Bucovina for
over a year. They include birth, marriage and death records from
Burdujeni, Campulung Moldovenesc, Gura Homorului, Radauti, Solca and
Suceava. For a complete listing of what we have and what is online see If you do
a search the results are in the Bucovina Region births.

We can use more people to translate the German records so if you can
help please volunteer at

Bob Wascou
ROM-SIG Research Coordinator

On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 7:06 PM, Robert J.Friedman
<rjfriedman@...> wrote:
The Leo Baeck Institute (LBI) at the Center for Jewish History in NYC
just launched a new online guide to the Jewish archives of southern
Bukovina and southern Transylvania,

The current website and database are products of an archival survey
conducted during the past year with financial support >from the
Rothschild Foundation. Currently the database includes 10 cities in
southern Bukovina (Burdujeni, Chernivtsi, Campulung Moldovenesc, Gura
Homorului, Itcani, Radauti, Siret, Solca, Suceava, and Vatara Dornei)
plus Medias and Sibiu in southern Transylvania. Some of the original
documents (such as the Medias Jewish Birth Register, 1857-1885) were
digitally photographed and may now be viewed online.

At the web site launch on Monday, LBI announced that the grant was
extended for an additional three years so that the survey can be
expanded to more locations. Work in Brasov is scheduled to begin in

The repositories that are the subject of this project not part of the
State (national) Archives. They may be local county or municipal
archives, or private, non-governmental archives scattered among former
Jewish communities in Romania. The materials may be located in
synagogues, community centers, private homes, or who knows where else.
Some lack inventories, catalogs, or finding aids; when such guides do
exist, they are typically in hard copy and not digitally searchable.
In the worst cases, they are in complete disarray and subject to
environmental hazards, theft, or other threats.

In the meantime, it is wonderful to see the resources that have just
become accessible through this project.

Bob Friedman
Brooklyn, NY

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