Paltavia, Romaine, Ukraine #ukraine

Gloria Golden <bgdr529@...>


I asked once before and received a reply, but I'm not sure of the answer

My grandmother always said she came to the USA >from Ekaterinoslav, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. I've seen several family members write Jenatu as their place of origin. My grandmother's sister wrote Ekaterinoslav. I think this Soboloff family was born in Myrgorod, Poltava.

Also, has anyone ever heard of Paltavia, Romaine, Ukraine? Is this a matter of spelling? This information is >from a Soboloff family (not sure if it's my family) declaring this as their place of origin.


Gloria Golden

Moderator's Note: Be sure to make use of JewishGen tools such as the Communities Database and JOS Distance Calculator. So, for example, Poltava is less than 100 miles >from Romny, Ukraine and less than 200 miles >from Dnipropetrovsk. Myrhorod is less than 50 miles >from Poltava.

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