Re: Era and Shantzie Becker 1910 St. Louis census #ukraine

Bruce Adelstein <adelstein@...>

The Missouri Secretary of State has death records online for people who died up to 50 years

I found this very helpful when looking for my St. Louis relatives. Pay particular attention to
the parents, spouse, and the informant (who is often another relative).

I did a quick search for Becker. (There's a lot of them.) I was able to find both Dora and


On 7 Feb 2014 at 15:43, Barbara Zimmer wrote:

Dear Genners, Marilyn asked about Era/ Vera and Shantzie Becker in the
1910 census. Using the St Louis city directories, I was able to find
Dora and Jennie BECKER at the same address in the 1920 census. I
could follow them back to 1900 and forward past 1920. I suspect that
Dora died in 1924 (there is a death notice). Jennie was still single
in the 1930 census.

Barbara Zimmer

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