Researching ROSENBERG and SPITZER #austria-czech

Sergio G. Rosarios

I would very much appreciate any information that anyone may have on my

Samuel ROSENBERG born 1869 son of Hermann ROSENBERG and Fani GLADSTEIN or
GOLDSTEIN, place maybe Romania or Austria.

Hermine SPITZER born 1871 dauther of Philippe SPITZER and Minna KOHN, place
maybe Romania or Austria.

Samuel and Hermine married and has two boys:

Philippe ROSENBERG born 19 June 1898 in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Ottocar ROSENBERG born 18 April 1906 in Pitesti, Romania

Also I know that Hermine SPITZER had family in Viena and that Philippe
ROSENBERG had a cousin in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Thank you very much
Kind regards,

Sergio Rosarios Najlis
Guayaquil, Ecuador

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