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Gloria Geller

Has anyone been able to obtain family information >from for the town of
Khashevata which in the region of Gaivoron, Kirovograd oblast and/or region
of Gaysin, Vinnitsa oblast? My understanding is that the closest archives
would have been in Kamenets Podolskiy possibly moved >from there after the
fire to Khmelnitsky Archives.

I am particularly interested in locating the 1897 All-Russian census for
Khashevata. Does anyone know whether the 1897 All-Russian census data are
kept in one central location? A researcher who searched the Kiev Central
Archives located family information >from the 1897 census of my family from
the Cherkassy area which I found very helpful. She stated that that the
Central Archives in Kiev do not have material >from Khashevata.

Any help would be appreciated.

Gloria Geller
respond to:

Searching - Geller, Keshenewsky, Teplitsky >from KHASHEVATA; Avrutsky,
Mostovoy, Berenzansky, Zlotko, Gubernick >from TALNOYE/TALNE and SMELA;
Granofsky/Granovsky >from ZVENIGORODKA

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