Drohobycz Town Map 1853 - Gesher Galicia Map Room #ukraine

Pamela Weisberger

Announcing a new cadastral map on the Gesher Galicia Map Room for
Drohobycz researchers

Drohobycz Town Cadastral Map 1853

A complete intermediate-sketch cadastral map of the town of
Drohobycz/Drohobych >from 1853. Although not a final printed map, this
version was drawn very accurately near the town center; property lines
at distant farms were only shown approximately, but key landscape
features including original roads still align well with the modern
town geography. The map includes a market square, extensive Jewish
community lands and a cemetery, churches and manor houses, convent
lands and a Christian cemetery, and several all=E9es and waterways. Most
of the numbers on the map were survey markings, but houses and land
parcels are numbered, and most of the area outside the urban core
shows landowner names.

Direct link to the map:

Link to Map Room home page: http://maps.geshergalicia.org

Gesher Galicia thanks Brian Lenius, who copied the map in the Lviv
Archive and Jay Osborn who stitched it together and created the text.

Pamela Weisberger
President, Gesher Galicia

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