Can an Askenazic mother and daughter have the same first name #ukraine

Marilyn Levinson

Dear Jewish researchers
I am trying to determine if my great grandmother and her daughter could
have the same first name because I thought that was forbidden by Askenazic
naming practices. I know with certainty that my great grandfather's given
name was Shae or Isaiah >from several documents.
I know that his wife's name was Annie because that was the name given by
her son when filling out his social security application.
On that application he gives his father's name as Shae and his mother's
name as Annie. I always thought it was peculiar that he used his
father's Yiddish first name, but an American name for his mother although
she never immigrated. I was told by a professional researcher that in
Yiddish my grandmother's name would be Chana. That is the name that
became Annie in the States.
I recently had translated a letter written in Yiddish in which a
Chana writes to her brother, my grandfather and asks for help. I do not
know the date of the letter, but the sister asks for help for her sick
child and gives an address in Shepetovka where my grandfather can contact
her. Did I make too much of a leap in believing that great grandmother
Annie is named Chana? Also to further confuse matters
my mother's middle name is Anne. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Marilyn Levinson
Spring Lake NC

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