Re: Ashkenazi population bottleneck #dna

Dick Plotz

On 2004.04.19, Jake Goldstein <> wrote:

Contrary to what had been argued in this forum, the population
bottleneck is dated as far back as 100 generations ago.
Not likely. At a ballpark figure of 4 generations per century, the
Ashkenazi population bottleneck was about 25-30 generations ago. One
could argue that there was an earlier "Ashkenazi population
bottleneck" with the origins of Ashkenaz some 80 generations ago, when
the community was founded by Jews traveling with the colonizing
Romans, but that is not what is generally meant by the term, and is
genetically far less meaningful.

100 generations ago our ancestors were in exile in Babylon and there
were no Ashkenazim.

Dick Plotz
Providence RI USA

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