Maps & Directories for Lwow, Stanislawow, Czernowitz & Knihinin on the Gesher Galicia Cadastral Map Room #ukraine

Pamela Weisberger

Attention Czernowitz, Lwow and Stanislawow researchers!

Gesher Galicia announces four new maps added to the cadastral map room.
Thanks to a frenzied burst of creative activity by Jay Osborn, with the
help of the generous Logan Kleinwaks, who sourced these maps (and their
companion directories,) we have a Loganpalooza of cartographic gems which
are sure to be useful to researchers:

Lemberg (Lwow) General Street Map 1920 & Directory

The map shows street names, train lines, electric tram lines and stops,
and many numbered buildings:

Lemberg (Lwow) General Street Map 1938

The map shows street names, train and tram lines, old and new Jewish
cemeteries, with close-ups of the town center and eastern fairgrounds.
Included is a separate detailed street directory updated in 1939:

You can jump right to the directory at this link:

Stanislawow and Knihinin General Street Map 1919

Today, Stanislawow is called Ivano Frankivsk. This map includes a detailed
section of the town center, and shows named districts, some street names,
and major buildings and includes the dependent municipality of Knihinin
Wies which later was incorporated into Stanislawow.

Czernowitz Town Map and Property Owner List 1782, which claims to be
the oldest general plan of the city:

Property map of the residential area of Czernowitz (Tschernowitz,
Czerniowce), with a listing of property owners, >from records for the year
1782; Curiously, the map and homeowner list is >from a Czernowitz school
yearbook by the school's director Constantin Mandyczewski, published 1898;
traditional school records are included in a second section of the book.

All the maps can also be accessed by going to our map room home page:

If you make family discoveries or interesting finds using these resources,
please write to the list if of general interest, or to me privately.

Pamela Weisberger
President, Gesher Galicia

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