Translation from Hebrew - ViewMate 34746 #ukraine

Eliana Aizim

Dear JewishGenners,
I would like to ask for a translation >from Hebrew. I´m more
interested in the title (the four first lines) as well as any mention
to the GUREVICH family. If you find anything else important in this
text, I would be pleased to know it. This text was published in a
newspaper >from 1872 in the town of Zatishye, Ukraine.

Thank you,
Eliana AIZIM
from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
AIZIN, AISEN, etc.: Lugansk, Yekaterinoslav Gub., Ukraine
GUREVICH: Yuzovka, Yekaterinoslav Gub., Ukraine
VATNIK: Peschanka, Podolia Gub., Ukraine
AVERBUCH: Zhabokrich/Kryzhopol, Podolia Gub., Ukraine

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