Selo and Derevnya #ukraine

Herbert Lazerow

<Anyone know what the difference is between a "selo" and a "derevnya"?
Various web sites translate both as "village". In Duma voters lists from
1905 and 1906 both appear with town names. Is one bigger than the other?
Is there some defining difference? The voters list compilers note them
specifically for certain towns so I assume was a difference.>
I looked it up at some point; derevnya was defined as a tiny village;
selo was defined as a village with a church.
I suspect that each place was officially designated by the Russian
government at some point as one or the other. It may have changed its
qualities, but that did not necessarily mean that the classification would
change without some action on the part of the administration.
There was also sloboda, village on a highway, and poselok, a small
village. I have no idea what the difference might be between a poselok
and a derevnya, or how big the road through town needed to be to qualify
as a sloboda.

Herbert Lazerow
Professor of Law, University of San Diego

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