Yizkor Book Project, July 2014 #ukraine



I am pleased to note that in July the Yizkor book Project saw the completion
of no fewer than 3 projects, bringing the number of our finalized projects
to the outstanding milestone of one hundred such projects.

The projects that were completed in July were:

- Kamyanyets, Belarus (The People Who Lived Among Us) - prepared and
submitted by Sherwin Sokolov
- Serock, Poland (The book of Serock) - coordinated by Sandra Krisch and
Dorothy Lipsky
- Sierpc, Poland (The Community of Sierpc; Memorial Book) - coordinated by
Howard Orenstein and Israel H. Mida

To say that the work of these people is remarkable would be rather an
understatement and my sincere thanks go out to them for their dedication
and persistence coordinating these projects. I hope that their success will
encourage the coordinators of the many other projects that we are running,
to press on with their particular project, leading it through to its
successful completion.

Each of our Yizkor Book projects, like any endeavor, begins with a few small
steps and this past month, the first "footprint" of the Soklowa Podlaski
Yizkor Book Project was placed online. In the near future, a Translations
Fund will be set up for it and will appear with our other 75 funds already
appearing. These funds allow you to help support these important projects -
every donation is a small (or large) step towards seeing more and more of
the translations appear online.

Now to facts and figures for July.

During this last month we have added in 5 new projects:

- Csorna, Hungary (Remembering the History of the Csorna Jews)

- Kamyanyets, Belarus (The People Who Lived Among Us)

- Krosno, Poland (Krosno by the Wislok River)

- Soklowa Podlaski, Poland (Memorial book Sokolow-Podlask)

- Szydlowiec, Poland (Szydlowiec Memorial Book)

Added in 3 new entries:

- Botiza, Romania (Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Romania, Volume II)

- Botiza, Romania (The Marmaros Book; In Memory of 160 Jewish Communities)

- Estonia (The Jews in Latvia)

We have continued to update 26 of our existing projects:

- Babruysk, Belarus (Memorial book of the community of Bobruisk and its
surroundings) http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/bobruisk/bysktoc1.html

- Bender, Moldova (Bendery Community Yizkor Book)

- Czestochowa, Poland (The Jews of Czestochowa)

- Czestochowa, Poland (Resurrection and Destruction in Ghetto Czestochowa)

- Czyzew-Osada, Poland (Czyzewo Memorial Book)

- Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine (Yekaterinoslav-Dnepropetrovsk Memorial Book)

- Golub-Dobrzyn, Poland (In Memory of the Communities Dobrzyn-Gollob)

- Klobuck, Poland (The Book of Klobucko; in memory of a martyred community
which was destroyed) http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/klobuck/klobuck.html

- Kozienice, Poland (The book of Kozienice; The birth and the destruction of
a Jewish community) http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/kozienice/kozienice.html

- Latvia (The Jews in Latvia)

- Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Poland (Mezritsh Book, in Memory of the Martyrs of
our City)

- Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki, Poland (Memorial book of Nowy-Dwor)

- Ozerna, Ukraine (Memorial book of Jezierna)

- Parysow, Poland (Parysow; a memorial to the Jewish community of Parysow,
Poland) http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/Parysow/Parysow.html

- Serock, Poland (The book of Serock)

- Sierpc, Poland (The Community of Sierpc; Memorial Book)

- Slovakia (Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Slovakia)

- Stolin, Belarus (Stolin; a memorial to the Jewish communities of Stolin
and vicinity) http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/stolin/stolin.html

- Stryy, Ukraine (Book of Stryj)

- Svisloch, Belarus (The community of Swislocz, Grodno District)

- Szczebrzeszyn, Poland (The Book of Memory to the Jewish Community of
Shebreshin) http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/Szczebrzeszyn/Szczebrzeszyn.html

- Terebovlya, Ukraine (Jewish Communities of Trembowla, Strusow, Janow and
Vicinity) http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/Terebovlya/Terebovlya.html

- Wieliczka, Poland (The Jewish community of Wieliczka; a memorial book)

- Zawiercie, Poland (Yizkor Book of the Holy Community of Zawiercie and
Environs) http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/zawiercie/zawiercie.html

- Zofyuvka, Ukraine (The tree and the roots; the history of T.L (Sofyovka
and Ignatovka)) http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/Zofyuvka/Zofyuvka.html

- Zolochiv, Ukraine (The Destruction of Zloczow)

Some important links to note:

- This month's additions and updates are flagged at
http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/translations.html to make it easy to find
- All you would like to know about the Yizkor Books in Print Project
- Yizkor Book Translation Funds
where your financial support will assist in seeing more translations go

With a prayer for happier, quieter times for Israel and the Jewish People,
in general.

Lance Ackerfeld
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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