SCHECHTER - Kupichev #ukraine

Bennie Penzik <benzipen@...>

I am looking to connect with my maternal great-great grandmother's
family. The family name is SCHECHTER. Other related branches of this
family were >from Kupichev, so I am assuming that any towns not too
distant >from Kupichev/Kovel might be a possible match. I have photos
of a Jacob Schechter, circa 1917; Eva Schechter, circa 1917; Esther
Schechter, circa 1917, and Dora Schehter, Eva's sister. I also have
another unidentified photo of a Shechter male that was taken in
Brooklyn, NY. If your tree has any of these names, I would be very
interested in hearing >from you.

Posted on behalf of - Barbara KOHLER USA


Bennie Penzik
Ramat Hasharon
ISRAEL 47205

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