Roziver = Rozhev ?? #ukraine

Steven D. Bloom <sbloom@...>

I sent a private reply to Fred, but I thought others might like to
know that I think this is likely to be Rozhev, a small town near
Sitniaki, and roughly speaking, between Kiev and Zhitomir, and also
near the town of Radomszyl.

In Yiddish, a person >from Rozhev would be called a "rozhever", so I
think this might have led to confusion with the town name (a mistake
that I have seen a few times before).

Steve Bloom
Central Virginia

I am helping my wife locate her grandmother's town near Kiev. Her
mother has the town name as Roziver. They're not sure if it's
spelled that way, (it could be Rozhiver). I looked at google earth
and found approximate names but no close matches. Anyone know if
there is such a town name in that area?

Fred Huss
Chicago, IL

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