Patronymic Interpretation #ukraine


Dear fellow Odessa researchers

I refer to Ariel's recent posting 'News >from Odessa'
and in particular to Odessa Fond 359 - Jewish Head of Household
integrated into the All Odessa Database.

I downloaded this DB some time ago and translated all the LANDO, KOFMAN
and related family surnames,
but have not yet been able to compare my albeit rough translations with
the official ones now online.

However, I wonder if anyone would be able to interpret the following
KOFMAN patronymic names for me :

Perets and Itsko ben YAKOVLEVICH KOFMAN
Nukhim and Mikhale ben YANKELEVICH KOFMAN

Perets YAKOVLEVICH KOFMAN was definitely one of my Odessa GGGFs - he was
the Father of my murdered GGM.
I think he probably died in Odessa some time in 1893 (after this 1893
Census was taken) as my GGP's January 1894 Odessa
marriage record only referred to my GGM, Khana Peretsovna KOFMAN, as the
daughter of
Sura KOFMAN, but did not mention her Father's name, apart >from her

Also my GGPs' first child, my maternal GF, was born in Odessa in
November 1894, and
his Hebrew name was Perets, so he was probably named in memory of his GF.

I wonder if the patronymics YAKOVLEVICH, YANKELEVICH and YAKOBOVICH are
alternatives and therefore
refer to a common ancestor, or could these three patronymic names relate
to different men??

I would appreciate it if anyone could offer any explanation about these
three patronymic names which obviously
derive >from the Hebrew name Yacov (Yacob/Yankel), but could have been
two or three different men.

Many thanks.

Lorraine Bertelsen
Boho, Downunder

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