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Yoni Kupchik

Dear all,

I am happy to announce a new project - obtaining indexes for the Balta vital records. Balta was one of the main towns in Podolia Gubernia during the 19th century, with a significant Jewish population. Most of the vital records >from the Podolia Gubernia were stored in the Kamenets-Podolsky Archives, and were lost during a fire in 2003. Fortunately, the Jewish vital records for Balta birth, death, marriage, and divorce records for 1862-1918 are stored in the State Archives of Odessa, and are mostly unharmed. However, the information in these records remains unreachable for many, as it is not available online.

We need translators and donations!

If you would like to donate, please go to the main page of, click on Donate, >from the list on the right choose Ukraine SIG, and then donate to the Balta project (2nd on the list). Alternatively, go directly to here: Our goal is $750 that will be paid for making copies of the indexes.

For helping with the translations please contact me at yonikupchik@....

Thank you all,

Yoni Kupchik

KUPCHIK - Orgeyev (Bessarabia)
GORODETSKY - Teleneshty (Bessarabia)
OKS - Sudilkov, Odessa (Ukraine)
SITNITSKY - Kanev area, Ekaterinoslav area, and other regions in Ukraine
SHABADASH - Kharkov and other regions (Ukraine)
DORIN - Odessa (Ukraine), Bessarabia

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