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Ariel Parkansky

Hi everybody,

I have very exiting news about a project that started two years ago when Ron Doctor and I visited Patrice Bensimon in Yahad - In Unum offices in Paris.

Yahad - In Unum ("together" in Hebrew and Latin) is a Paris-based organization established in 2004 by Father Patrick Desbois and dedicated to systematically identifying and documenting the sites of Jewish mass executions by Nazi mobile-killing units in Eastern Europe during World War II.

That project has given today its first fruits when a first batch of 39 execution sites (out of 462 identified sites) have been integrated as datasets into the Ukraine SIG database. The rest will be integrated in the next few months.

You can access the information about those datasets on the Ukraine SIG website in two different ways:
- in each related town page under the "Document and Dataset Collections" section
- by searching them in the Master Index of Documents search engine on the "Ukraine SIG Databases" section under the "Research" menu.

Each town related collection has a direct link to the Yahad - In Unum town page of the site execution map.

In Yahad - In Unum archives you can find the following resources concerning the Jewish victims of each town/village:

- Video testimonies of eyewitnesses of the mass shootings
- Contemporary photos of executions sites of Jewish victims
- Archival pictures of the town/village and their Jewish inhabitants
- German archives about the executions of Jewish victims
- Soviet archives about the executions of Jewish victims

Video testimonies can be available online upon request on Yahad Interactive Map page

Photos and short video clips of testimonies are available online on Yahad - In Unum interactive map (

Others archives are available for consultation in Yahad Research Center in Paris (

The list of the first 39 towns included is:
Balyn (Kamenets Podolskiy / Podolia)
Berestechko (Dubno / Volhynia)
Berezivka (Uman / Kiev)
Bilohirsk (Simferopol / Taurida)
Bobrovyi Kut (Kherson / Kherson)
Derazhne (Rovno / Volhynia)
Dobrushyne (Yevpatoriya / Taurida)
Domanivka (Ananyev / Kherson)
Dovbysh (Novograd-Volynskiy / Volhynia)
Druzhkivka (Bakhmut / Yekaterinoslav)
Dunaivtsi (Ushitsa / Podolia)
Feodosiya (Feodosiya / Taurida)
Horlivka (Bakhmut / Yekaterinoslav)
Horodyshche (Cherkassy / Kiev)
Horokhiv (Vladimir-Volinskiy / Volhynia)
Ingulets (Kherson / Kherson)
Izyaslav (Zaslav / Volhynia)
Kalynivka (Vinnitsa / Podolia)
Kolky (Lutsk / Volhynia)
Kramatorsk (Izium / Kharkov)
Kysylyn (Vladimir-Volinskiy / Volhynia)
Lokachi (Vladimir-Volinskiy / Volhynia)
Lukiv (Kovel / Volhynia)
Manevichi (Lutsk / Volhynia)
Oleksandriya (Aleksandriya / Kherson)
Ostrozhets (Dubno / Volhynia)
Ozeryany (Dubno / Volhynia)
Povorsk (Kovel / Volhynia)
Radomyshl (Radomysl / Kiev)
Rivne (Rovno / Volhynia)
Shatsk (Vladimir-Volinskiy / Volhynia)
Slovyansk (Izium / Kharkov)
Sofiivka (Verkhnedneprovsk / Yekaterinoslav)
Tarashcha (Tarashcha / Kiev)
Tuchyn (Rovno / Volhynia)
Turiysk (Kovel / Volhynia)
Volochysk (Starokonstantinov / Volhynia)
Vysotsk (Rovno / Volhynia)
Zhytomyr (Zhitomir / Volhynia)

Shana Tova !!!

Ariel Parkansky
Ukraine SIG Information Systems Director

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