A hotel/restaurant in Ekaterinoslav called "America"? #ukraine

Liz Hanellin

Dear all,

My family name is HANELLIN, which in Russian would be GANELIN (with its myriad spelling variations). I have posted to this list before, but not about this specific question.

My HANELLIN grandfather and most of his eight brothers were born in Ekaterinoslav (now known as Dnipropetrovsk) between about 1890 (plus or minus) and the early 1900s. They emigrated with their parents to the U.S. in 1904, when my grandfather was still an infant.

I recently learned that the HANELLINs owned a hotel/restaurant in Ekaterinoslav called "America" (I put the name in quotes, because it seems unlikely that the name would have been spelled in English.).

I am wondering whether any of you know of a resource that might list hotels/restaurants owned by Jews in that area at the turn of the 20th century? Or any other resources that might help me learn more about this hotel/restaurant? (Apparently my family also had a restaurant on the Lower East Side of New York after they moved here (although they lived in Brooklyn), but I don't know the name of that restaurant.)

Thanks for any helpful hints you may be able to provide.

Liz Hanellin
New York City

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