help requested with photo identification #ukraine

June Genis

I have posted a photo on Viewmate which is believed to be of the
Finkel family >from Akkerman, Odessa, Russia. Does anyone recognize
someone in the picture or can at least supply information about where
and when it might have been taken? There was no photographer
identification on the back so I presume it is a reproduction.

Aaron Finkel and his first wife Anna "Hennie" Gerson Gershnovitz
immigrated to the US in 1900. Anna died shortly after arriving and
Aaron married Rebbecca Sagutt/Shoket, the mother of his sons. At
first I thought the man standing in the back might be Aaron based on
comparison with a later picture of Aaron and his sons Saul (Solomon),
Max (Scott), and Bernard. That would likely make the woman seated in
front of him Anna and the baby his child by Anna born in Russia named
Jeannie or Jennie. However, another researcher related to Jennie says
that is not Anna. If the picture is old enough Aaron might still be
in there somewhere as a child.

June Genis
Livingston, TX

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