1875 Zinkov Conscription Census #ukraine

Linda Shefler

We still haven't raised the necessary funds to finance this project. It's
almost complete and ready to be shared, but we can't do that until it's

It might be more appropriate to call this the Letichev Uyezd Revision
List, as there are many more towns and villages included than just Zinkov.
Some of the towns and villages are: Letichev, Suslovetskaya volost
(including a number of villages), Colony Staro-Zakrevskiy, Derazhnya (289
households), Volkovintsy (143 households), Uchastka, Volosovetskaya volost
(including a number of villages), Derazhnya (210 households), Butsnevtsy
(93 households), and many more places.

Contributions of $100 or more entitles you to immediately receive the
spreadsheet, as soon as it's complete (which should be any day now).
Remember, it does take quite a bit of time before this will be accessible
online on JewishGen, so if you are as anxious to see it as I am, get your
contributions in and send me the receipt >from JewishGen. Dena has done an
amazing job on this project, at an incredible rate. Let's get it funded!!

Linda Silverman Shefler
San Francisco East Bay

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