1875 Zinkov (Ukraine) Conscription Census #ukraine

Linda Shefler

Wow!!! I just received the completed spreadsheet of the 1875 Zinkov
Conscription Census >from Dena, and it's amazing! There are 8678
individuals included in this census; not including fathers' names!
The information included is: Page Number, Registration Number, Surname,
Given Name, Father, Relationship to Head of Household, Sex, Age, Age at
Last Revision, Reason Left (place of origin), Comments, Former
Registration Number, Day/Month/Year of Census, Town/Uyzed/Gubernia, Type
of Record and Reference Information.

Some of the places included are:

Olgopol uyezd
Colony Staro-Zakrevskiy Maydan
Village Sutkovtsy, Sutkovetskaya volost
Colony Bzovo, Domsko-Karichinetskaya volost
Village Ignatovtsy, Ignatovetskaya volost
Village Yaroslavka, Volosovetskaya volost
Village Redvintsy, Volosovetskaya volost
Village Molomolintsy, Volosovetskaya volost
Village Volosovtsy, Volosovetskaya volost
Village Parkhamovtsy, Bakhmatovetskaya volost
Village Pankovtsy, Volosovetskaya volost
Village Shrubkov, Volosovetskaya volost
Village Suslovtsy, Suslovetskaya volost
Village Popovtsy, Suslovetskaya volost
Village Kudynka, Suslovetskaya volost
Village Svichna, Suslovetskaya volost
Village Rozhny, Suslovetskaya volost
Village Shchedrova, Suslovetskaya volost
Village Goloskov, Medzhibozhskaya volost
Village Murovana Verbka, Sutkovetskaya volost
6th Uchastok
Voytovetskaya volost
Yankovetskaya volost
Yaskovetskaya volost

As you can see, this census covers a wide area and can be very helpful to
anyone searching any places in Letichev uyzed.

I will be sending the spreadsheet out today to everyone who donated $100
or more to this project. Unfortunately, we are still far short of what we
need to collect to compensate Dena for her amazing work. As you know, it
takes a long time for JewishGen to upload records like this, so if you are
interested in getting the records immediately, please make a contribution
of $100 or more to the 1875 Zinkov Conscription Census through JewishGen.
Remember, it is *tax deductible*. And it's also Chanukah, so how about a
nice Chanukah gift to JewishGen! Let's get this funded, so you can get a
copy of these records immediately, and we can get it in line to be
uploaded (which can take months >from when it's fully funded).

Please make sure to let me know when you make a contribution, the amount
and include a copy of your receipt >from JewishGen.

Chanukah Sameach!
Linda Silverman Shefler
San Francisco East Bay

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