Rozniatow (Galicia) Cadastral Map 1851 now online! #ukraine

Pamela Weisberger

Gesher Galicia has just uploaded a partial sketched cadastral map of
the town of Rozniatow ( Rozhniativ, Rozhniatow, Rozniatow) >from 1851.
This excerpt >from the full map includes two sheets comprising the full
residential area of the town. The urban concentration adjacent to the
Duba River includes a well-defined market square, a dense Jewish
district with synagogues marked with the star of David, a large church
and monastery complex, a Catholic cemetery, and a Jewish cemetery.
Parcels are numbered, and many property owners' names are written on
the map. If your ancestors lived in Rozniatow you may well find their
names written on this map if you zoom in closely.

Pamela Weisberger
Gesher Galicia

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