Odessa vital records indexes - Update #ukraine

Yoni Kupchik

Dear all,

As you may remember we started last year a project for acquiring all the
name indexes for the vital records >from Odessa. We now have acquired all
the indexes and started digitizing them. We currently have 1,200 pages
containing approximately 50,000 names undergoing translation by
volunteers and a professional translator.

We still have about 8,000 images containing many many more names and we
need more translators and donations. If you think you can help us in
translating names >from Russian and entering them into an excel sheet
please contact me directly (see my email above). Otherwise, please
consider donating to this project by going to
http://www.jewishgen.org/JewishGen-erosity/ , choosing Ukraine SIG >from
the list on the right and then donating money to the project Odessa
Document Acquisition and Translation Projects.

Best regards,

Yoni Kupchik, Kfar Uriya, Israel
KUPCHIK - Orgeyev (Bessarabia);
GORODETSKY - Teleneshty (Bessarabia)
OKS - Sudilkov, Odessa (Ukraine)
SITNITSKY - Kanev area, Ekaterinoslav area, and other regions in Ukraine
SHABADASH - Kharkov and other regions (Ukraine)
DORIN - Odessa (Ukraine), Bessarabia;
SHKODNIK - Khoshchevatoye, Odessa, and other towns between Odessa and
Uman (Ukraine)
GLUZMAN - Odessa, Krivoye Ozero (Ukraine)
KOSOY - Dobroye and Kherson area, Chigirin and Kiev area (Ukraine)
RABINOVICH - Novi Bug? (Ukraine)

And all of the above in Argentina

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