What differences are there in history of Jews in Ukraine vs Russia... #ukraine


I will look for the book you recommend, and review more of the history. I
knew borders shifted often, just did not realize that Ukraine was not very
old, but have been reminded that in 1900 Ukraine did not exist. I went back
to my links and studied them better. For anyone else's info, this link is
one I really am glad I saved.
http://data.jewishgen.org/wconnect/wc.dll?jg~jgsys~community~-1042370 This
page is very informative.

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My understanding is that there weren't many Jews in Russia proper, but
when the Czarist Russian Empire acquired the lands of Ukraine >from Poland and
Lithuania in 1790 (?) they acquired a few million Jews. Life was better
for the Jews at first, but after about 1830 oppressive laws began that
deteriorated the lives of the Jewish population. All our ancestors had "Russia"
on the records we usually see because they were then part of the Czarist
Russian Empire. Jews had the get permission to live in Russia proper and
those were certain merchants, professionals, etc. Some like a distant
relative of mine had been "Cantonists" and this relative, still in the Czarist
army lived in Moscow. As you may have seen >from naturalization records they
gave up "allegiance" to the Czar in becoming U.S. citizens. Have just
started reading a book call "Shetl" by a Jonathan Petrovsky-Shtern which deals
with the lives of Jews in certain Ukrainian provinces and the changes I
mentioned. I would recommend it.

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When I was a child, family said we were Russian. The census records nearly
all said my GOLDBERG grandparents came >from Russia or Poland, depending on
the year. Later, I figured out they came >from Gorodok and Kolki in Volin,
Ukraine. Now watching current events, I wonder about what their lives
like in Ukraine circa 1900 versus what they would have been if they lived
in Russia.
At some time they had moved to England and eventually by 1903-1906, to the
U.S. I know this period was very bad for Jews economically and
politically, and why so many fled to the U.S. or South America, but can anyone
what may have been different between Ukraine and Russia at that time?

Thanking you all in advance,

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