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On 2005.08.06, Marilyn Feingold <> asked:

I am considering doing a 12, 25, or 37 panel test to see if my male
lineage is the same as another male lineage with the same last name
that came >from a nearby shtetl in the Ukraine. Can some tell me what
their experience has been with these tests."
I am involved in two Y-DNA projects, one of which is for my Jewish
line and one for another line. Both of them have been very
worthwhile. The GOLDSHOLL tests matched a GOLDSHOLL and a
GOLDSHOLLE. There has been family debate for years as to whether
these two families were related. A common ancestor would have been
before 1900 and probably a generation or more before that date.

While we did not get a perfect 37 marker match, the two men who
tested matched on 35 out of 37 markers. Given the circumstances of
proximity in Europe and almost matching surnames, this was enough to
convince us that the two families are indeed related. The two
mismatched markers were both among the markers which mutate most
rapidly, and one of the two wasn't exactly a mismatch. Instead it
was an extra marker, something that happens >from time to time at
Marker 464 within the J2 Haplogroup.

The other surname project I am involved with has 34 members and we
have learned a great deal about who is and is not related through
Y-DNA testing. Be forewarned, however, that there can be
uncomfortable discoveries: at least one person found through DNA
testing that he was not related to the people he thought he was
related to.

Eleanor Gordon

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