Descendents of Abraham Kravchenko (Kaplan) #ukraine

Karen Zale

With the help of Herbert Lazerow, I have been able to find and
understand my grandmother's brother's family.

I am now hoping to locate the descendents of Abraham Kravchenko.
Kravchenko has many spellings: Krawezenko, Krawzenko, Krawczyk,
Kravezcako etc. In the United States the family used the name
Kaplan. However, I have come across two documents with the family
name of Cohen and the family were not Kohanim so that is another

Descendants of Abraham KRAVCHENKO/KAPLAN
21 Apr 2015

1. Abraham KRAVCHENKO/KAPLAN (b.Abt 1852-Niezhin,Chernigov Guherni,
Russan Empire d.Brooklyn New York) sp: Kreina KHAIKINA (b.Abt 1853-Russia
m.1872 d.30 Jun 1908-Brooklyn New York)

|-2. Isaac/Itzi KAPLAN (b.1873-Khalmets,Rechitsa,Russia)
| sp: Rose/Rische (Risya-Dveria) (b.Abt 1877-Russia m.Abt 1893)

| |-3. David/Chaim David KAPLAN (b.21 Jul 1894-Niezhin,Chernigov Guherni,
Russan Empire d.Feb 1977-Bronx,N.Y.)
| | sp: Sadie (b.9 Jul 1897-Niezhin,Chernigov Guherni,Russan Empire m.
17 Jan 1925 d.Apr 1976-Bronx,N.Y.)
| | |-4. Elaine KAPLAN (b.15 Mar 1926-Brooklyn,New York)
| | +-4. Jerome KAPLAN (b.29 Jan 1930-Brooklyn,New York d.9 Sep 2008-
Jamaica,New York)

| |-3. Jennie/Schenie KAPLAN (b.14 Jan 1897-Russia d.New York)
| | sp: Ruben EPSTEIN (b.29 Apr 1898-Odessa,Russan Empire m.Abt 1919 d.
14 Feb 1986-Dade,Florida)
| | |-4. Jacob EPSTEIN (b.16 Feb 1920-Brooklyn,New York)
| | +-4. Florence EPSTEIN (b.27 Dec 1926-Brooklyn,New York)

| |-3. Harry/Herschel KAPLAN (b.Abt 1899-Russia)
| |-3. Zelda KAPLAN (b.1900-Russia d.1901-Russia)
| |-3. Joseph/Josel KAPLAN (b.Abt 1902-Russia)
| |-3. Sarah KAPLAN (b.1904-Russia)
| |-3. Mary KAPLAN (b.Abt 1906-New York)
| |-3. Isadore KAPLAN (b.Abt 1909-New York)
| +-3. Katie KAPLAN (b.Abt 1913-New York)

|-2. Morris (Maishe/Moisei) KAPLAN (b.1875-Khalmets,Rechitsa,Russia d.New York)
| sp: Etta (Ita) KRASILSCHEIK (b.1879-Russia)
| |-3. Joseph KAPLAN/KRAVCHENKO (b.1903-Russia)
| |-3. Minnie KAPLAN (b.1907-New York)
| |-3. Henry KAPLAN (b.17 May 1909-Brooklyn,Kings,New York)
| +-3. Louis KAPLAN (b.1916-New York)

|-2. Sheina KRAVCHENKO/KAPLAN (b.1877-Russia)
| sp: Tsalya Tsalkov ZELDIN (b.1878-Russia m.1904)
|-2. Estira KRAVCHENKO/KAPLAN (b.1880-Khalmets,Rechitsa,Russia)
|-2. Vulf KRAVCHENKO/KAPLAN (b.1884-Khalmets,Rechitsa,Russia)
|-2. Liba-Ryva KRAVCHENKO/KAPLAN (b.1887-Khalmets,Rechitsa,Russia)
|-2. Nathan (Noson) KRAVCHENKO/KAPLAN (b.1887-Khalmets,Rechitsa,Russia)

+-2. Zlata KAPLAN (b.1894-Khalmets,Rechitsa,Russia d.New York City)
+-3. Kitty (b.25 Jan 1916 d.4 Oct 1994,Queens, New York)
sp: Leo SEIDE (New York City)
+-4. Jerald Allen SEIDE (b.23 Feb 1944, New York City)

Hoping to find some new cousins. Please reply privately.
Karen Zale
Plano, Texas

GREENBERG - Pultusk, Wyszkow
KRAVCHENKO/KAPLAN - Chernigov,New York
SORKIN - Kapustino, Rogachev

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