The Y-DNA Genetic Signature of the Savran-Bendery Chassidic Dynasty #ukraine

Jeffrey Mark Paull

A new Y-DNA study, entitled: "The Y-DNA Genetic Signature of the
Savran-Bendery Chassidic Dynasty: Connecting to the Great Rabbinic Families
through Y-DNA," by Dr. Jeffrey Mark Paull and Dr. Jeffrey Briskman, is the
featured article in the new online issue of the Surname DNA Journal.

The study focuses on the Y-DNA pedigree of documented descendants of the
founders of the Savran-Bendery Chassidic dynasty, Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Giterman
of Savran, Ukraine, and his brother, Rabbi Aryeh Leib Wertheim of Bendery,
Bessarabia (now Bender, Moldova). Together, they founded one of the most
prominent Chassidic dynasties to emerge >from the Russian Empire during the
19th century.

The study presents the genealogical and genetic data that characterize this
rabbinic lineage, and by which its descendants may be identified, thereby
providing many Ashkenazi Jews with the essential genealogical and genetic
information necessary to bridge the gaps in their own paper trails, and
discover their lost heritage.

"The Y-DNA Genetic Signature of the Savran-Bendery Chassidic Dynasty" may be
viewed or downloaded >from the Surname DNA Journal website:

Jeffrey Mark Paull

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