Frima Huberman #ukraine

Leonard Kranser <kranser@...>

We just received an old family photo with the members labeled on the back by
someone as second marriage wife Frima Huberman, husband Herschel and
children Dora, Leika, Ida and Abe. The notation says that Ideber, Rifka,
Sonya and my grandmother Menya are not in the photo. The photo was probably
taken around 1900 in the Ukraine.

Herschel Huberman corresponds to the name Harry Huberman (or Guberman) which
is the name that I have heard applied to my great grandfather. I heard that
my great grandmother's name was Fanny. Could Frima in the photo be another
name for Fanny?

It is curious that the family went to a photographer's studio and left out
several of the children who were alive at the time. Does anyone have an

Leonard Kranser
Dana Point, California

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