Re: Book "The Descendants of Isaak Kohn of Deutschrust(Saaz District), #austria-czech


I don't have that book but I do have a work done by Sidney Signer
that I got >from the Cleveland Genealogy Society titled The story of
Joesph Kohn and his Descendants 1744 to 1945
Their is no Issac in this grp! Joseph has 2 sons--Solomon and
Abraham (he was a Rabbi) They were born in Zaluzany Bohemia--near
Breznice. I have Kohns >from Kovarov/Milevsko which is also close by.
Let me know what else I can tell you about this story and if it connects
I'll send you a copy. Other names mentioned frequently--Wodicks/Vodicka,
Rosenwater , Ruzicka, Saphir,
Susan Fisher Boyer

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<< Searching for:
The Descendants of Isaak Kohn of Deutschrust (Saaz District),
Czechoslovakia. By John Henry Richter. Ann Arbor, MI: The Author, 1980.

Richter was known for work in genealogy field and had an article
published in Avotaynu pertaining to rabbis and genealogy.

Seeking KOHN, WEXLER >from Liebeschitz [Saaz district]

Paul King

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