"Courland-Kherson Jewish Relocation, 1837-1840" database #ukraine


Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce the completion of our project. The
"Courland-Kherson Jewish Relocation, 1837-1840" database is
live and public on JewishGen.

Here is this dataset's introductory description file:

This database contains information about 5,872 Jews who relocated
from towns in Courland to agricultural colonies in Kherson Gubernia
in 1837 and 1840.

The documents were handwritten in Russian, and reference the years
1837 and 1840. The documents cover all the major towns in Courland
Gubernia â?? Bausk, Friedrichstadt, Gazenpot, Goldingen, Grobin,
Jakobshtat, Libava, Mitava, Pilten, Polangen, Tuckum, and Vindava.
Unfortunately, these documents do not specify to which of the Kherson
colonies these Jews relocated.

These records were photocopied by the Latvian National Archives
(Latvijas Nacionālais Arhčvs) at the request of the JewishGen
Ukraine SIG.

Sylvia Waibsnaider Walowitz

Waibschnaider (Yampol Ukraine),
Perman, Minond, Grinker, Liponevzky (Novopoltavka, Ukraine)
Kozodoy (Pokatilovo, Ukraine)
Shurkhin, Schurjin, Elimelech (Yekaterinoslav, Ukraine)
All of the above in Argentina
Walowitz, Seltzer, Saltzman, Behr (Ukraine)

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