Accepting Donations to Priluki Translation Project #ukraine

Lisa P. Wanderman

It has been a long time since I sent out an update on the Priluki project.
As the subject line says, the link to donate to the project has just gone
"live" on the UkraineSIG web site.

We are now finished scanning the entire 9 microfilms of the Priluki Vital
Records (Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce) >from 1855-1917.

Additionally, three of the films have been translated and a fourth film has
been begun.

The status of Priluki Vital Record project as of August 19, 2015:
Film-1 2192583 (1855-1863) 19 Books. Scanned and translated
Film-2 2192584 (1864-1874) 23 Books. Scanned and translated
Film-3 2423892 (1860-1875) 4 Books. Scanned and translated
Film-4 2423895 (1875-1883) 26 Books. Scanned, being translated
Film-5 2423896 (1883-1891) 27 Books. Scanned
Film-6 2423897 (1891-1898) 21 Books. Scanned
Film-7 2423898 (1898-1906) 21 Books. Scanned
Film-8 2423899 (1906-1912) 21 Books. Scanned
Film-9 2446161 (1912-1917) 20 Books. Scanned

This huge project was started over two years ago and is going slowly because
all the work has been done by volunteers. If we can raise enough funds to
hire at least one professional translator, we will be able to speed things
up considerably. If we are able to raise enough money, we will be able to
finish this project and start on other Priluki records.

How to donate to this project:
Here is a link to the "JewishGenerosity" page:

Once you are on the JewishGenerosity page, scroll down to Priluki Vital
Records (1855-1917) line to make your tax exempt donation.

If you do donate, please send me an email ( lisa.wanderman@... ) to
let me know. It takes about a month for a project to be credited with the
funds received and if I know that the funds are there I can hire a
translator without having to wait.

In the next few weeks I will send around a list of surnames mentioned in the
records to date. I am compiling this now.

Those who make sizeable contributions will be given access to the translated
and edited spreadsheets when available.

We look forward to hearing back >from you!

Many, many thanks for your support and interest.

Lisa Wanderman Gottlieb
New York, NY
WANDERMAN - Anyksciai, Lithuania; TOFT - Traupus, Lithuania; MIL
Lithuania; FEIN - Moletai, Lithuania;
BOSKOFF (BASHMASHNIKOV) - Priluki, Poltava District, Ukraine; SUSID Ostrog
and Novohrad Volynskyy, Rivne District, Ukraine;
Romania; GROSS - Hungary

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