Records from a town called BAR #ukraine

A. E. Jordan

I saw all the existing news of the new records projects that are getting underway and it has renewed my interest in my family >from the Ukraine.

Has anyone had any success in finding people or records >from a town called Bar or the area around it? It is near Litin.

My ggf named REICHER came >from that area in 1904 to the USA and his wife (maiden name KAPLAN) followed in 1906. On some papers they say they are >from Bar and other papers say Litin. I saw the Litin project is underway but speaking with the organizers they said Bar is likely not included because it while nearby was in a different district.

I believe my family was >from a rural area because there are stories of a farm and someone falling in the rain barrel.

I have never tried contacting the Ukrainian archives as I understand even if the records survived it can be an arduous task. Still I would be excited to find records taking the family back prior to the USA arrival into the Ukraine.

Thanks for any advice.

Allan Jordan

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