Re: Louis Kramer passenger manifest #ukraine

Stephan Owen Parnes

Marilyn Levinson was having trouble locating the manifest for her ancestor Louis Kramer, who came to the U.S. in 1898 according to the data she had already found.

One approach that I have found productive is to find the Hebrew or Yiddish name of the elusive ancestor and use that in the search. I was fortunate in finding a photo of the gravestone for Louis and Anna Kramer at an online resource. Anna was Chana and Louis was Aharon Yehudah (and Yehudah is often associated with the name Leib, hence the transformation to Louis). This was the key.

Aaron Kreimer and his wife Chane arrived in NYC on 7 September 1898 on the Westernland, sailing >from Antwerp (the port Marilyn already knew).

Stephan Parnes
Lancaster, PA

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Thank you Stephen for reminding us all how to think outside the box. This thread is closed.

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