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Doug Cohen

Yad V'Shem's Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust

Orinen. Kamenets-Podolski dist., Ukraine. Jews were first present in
1582 and in 1765 they numbered 386. In 1897, their pop. was 2,142 out
of 5,727. In the Soviet period, the town had a Jewish council (soviet),
kolkhoz, tailors union and a school with a library. The Jewish pop.
was 1,797 in 1926 and 1,508 in 1939. In late June 1942, the Nazis and
their Ukrainian collaborators surrounded the Jewish quarter and selected
250 skilled workers for transfer to Kamenets-Podolski, where they later
perished. The remaining 1,745 Jews were led a mile outside the town
toward the village of Zherdya and executed. Among the victims were
530 children and 40 infants.

Where Once We Walked gives the population as 1,797 and locates it
62 km NNE of Chernivitsi at coordinates 48o46'/26o24'.

Hope this helps.

Doug Cohen
Sarasota, FL
Lexington, MA

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