Volhynia Documents and Donor Match #ukraine


At one time or another, all researchers with family in Volhynia Gubernia
have complained about the dearth of documents available for our families.
A few months ago we announced that, under the auspices of Ukraine SIG, we
had begun a project to acquire and translate 12 documents >from the CAHJP
related to towns in the vicinity of Polonnoye, including some in
Novograd-Volynskiy, Starokonstantinov, and Zaslav districts of Volhynia.

We have now acquired the documents, and have partial translations
for three of them. To continue the work, we need more funding. A generous
donor has offered to match all donations to our project made between Oct 20
and December 31 of this year, up to $2450.00. If we can raise this amount
we would be able to continue the work of translating, indexing, and posting
these documents for all to use.

If you would like to contribute toward this project please go to the
Ukraine SIG JewishGen-erosity page at
Select the project "Acquisition and Translation of Records of Seven Towns
in Polonnoye, Ukraine" and make your tax deductible donation. Any amount
will be very welcome and will qualify for the match. When you have your
receipt, please e-mail it to me at greenst@comcast.net, so that I can track
our contributions and recognize your gift. Donors of $100.00 or more will
be eligible to receive spreadsheets of the translated documents when they
are available, and before they are posted to the Jewish Gen site for general

The documents include:

List of pupils in Volyn Province Jewish Schools 1846

List of Melameds and kheder sponsors 1846-47

Copies of inscriptions >from Jewish tombstones and synagogues sent
to the department >from different provinces 1910

Description of pogroms that took place in various towns with lists
of the murdered 1918-21

Binding by oath of Jewish Recruits 1832-1834

Information about pogroms in Gogolev, Repki, Glukhov, Konotop, and villages
near Polonnoye with lists of those killed - 1919-21

On elections to synagogue and funeral fellowship boards and elections to
synagogue board in Rovno with lists 1917-18

Regional committee of Young Communist Unio of Ukraine â?? Lists of
authorized persons for working with Jewish youth 1925

Materials regarding migration to Jewisg colonies in Kherson Region of
Jews >from Novograd Volynskiy region with lists â?? 1825-26

Materials for Committee for Job Placement of Jewish Laborers on the
selection of migrants >from various towns 1926-27

Some of the surnames found in the already translated documents are:
Ajenberg, Alterman, Ashbis, Babatan, Barab, Barakh, Baram, Barash, Benlman,
Berman, Bilterman, Bitel, Blekhman, Boratat, Brukhach, Chernyak, Dajchman,
Dardar, Darkman,Dejch, Deuz, Dugaj, Elman, Gakman, Galvarg,, Gamer,
Garbar, Gashis, Gaska, Gilman, Gokgblit, Grejz, Grinevitser, Grobman,
Gulanovskij, Ingerman, Kagan, Kalike, Kaplun, Kardaman, Karlik, Khajtsis,
Khriplivij, Klejnman, Klinerman, Konik, Krichman, Kudim, Lejkmakher, Lerner,
Litsman, Matasarnik, Mrjkhes, Melamed, Mislevit, Mitsel?makher, Mleyer,
Mordkovich, Pajs, Pechenik, Portnoj, Rabin, Razmarin, Ridiger, Sandler,
Shister, Shkolnik, Shpritser, Shtejn, Shtejnberg, Slepoj, Spector,
Steptor, Svichernik, Svichka, Tabatchnik, Tabaker, Tepelbojm, Tepira,
Trakhtman, Tsybikh, Vugman, Yashe, Zejlbirbord, Zemlyak, Zozulya, Zun.

I look forward to hearing >from you with your generous donations.

Mary-Jane Roth
Alexandria, VA
TEPPER, Miropol, Baranivka, Philadelphia
GROISKOP/GROSSER -Labun, Baranivka, Philadelphia
LIEBERMAN, Berdichev, Makhnovka, Philadelphia
KANDEL, Makhnovka, Philadelphia
ROTH, Kosice area, Trenton, NJ
FRIED, Nyirmada, Cigand, Trenton, NJ

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