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On 2005.11.11, Elzbieta Kniaz <> wrote:

I also had a Jewish father and Gentile mother. If the Y-DNA test is
for the male only side and the mtDNA test deals with the males and
females on the mother's side, how do I get tested for my father's
DNA? I am a female two XX chromasomes, no brother or other male
relative on my fathers side.
Ela, you'll need to find a male >from your father's surname line --
an uncle, male cousin, or if none are available, a more distant
cousin, descended in the surname line >from your paternal
great-grandfather. Many of us have gone that route. I've found
appropriate male or female cousins to provide samples representative
of six of my eight great-grandparents, but the other male and female
line died out before my time.

Donn Devine, CG, CGI
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Administrator of two DNA surname projects

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