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If you have already made your plans to attend the IAJGS 2016 Jewish
genealogy conference in Seattle (August 7-12, 2016) or are still
thinking about it, be aware that there are several online options for
further information.

First, if you've not done so already, sign up for the conference
discussion list. The list works very similarly to JewishGen's discussion
forums. You may choose to receive messages in your email inbox as they
are posted or, select the digest option to receive email compilations
once each day. For more information about the conference discussion list
and to sign up, go to

The discussion list also includes an archive of past messages. So, check
the archive before posting a new question -- someone may have already
addressed a similar issue.

Check out the conference blog. Our blogger has been posting at least one
article each day since mid-April and will continue to do so until the
start of the conference.

To see previous posts, scroll down the page and, at the bottom right,
click to see additional pages of earlier posts.

You may also subscribe to the blog via one of a couple of links (RSS and
FeedBurner) located on the right-hand column on the blog page.

When an article is published on the blog, it simultaneously is posted on
Twitter and the conference FaceBook page.

The Educators' Forum also has a FaceBook page:

And, of course, check out the conference webpage. The homepage, alone,
is full of useful information and links. But do not stop there! Explore
the various tabs and the information they have to offer.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Seattle!

Conference Co-Chairs:
Janette Silverman
Chuck Weinstein
Phyllis Grossman

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