How to find records for female relatives #ukraine

Herbert Lazerow

<Does anyone know if there is a way to find marriage records or birth
records that include girls and women or any other records?>
The official marriage records compiled by the court rabbis of the
Jewish communities will give the full name of the bride which will
include the name of her father, his status (usually townsperson) and
the town in which he is registered.
Birth records provide he mother's married name, including her
father's given name and patronymic. They do not show the mother's
maiden name. The same is true of death records. A woman's death record
will often include her husband's given name and patronymic.
To the extent that those records have survived, they should be in
the appropriate oblast archive. Miriam Weiner in her book Jewish Roots
in Ukraine and Moldova lists surviving Bershad marriage records for
1845 in the archive in Vinnitsa, and for 1855-58 in the archive in
As to whether the sister might have perished in World War II,
given life expectancies then, it is unlikely that she would have lived
that long, and even less likely that her mother would have. But it is
certainly possible. Many Jews fled east in front of the Nazi armies
and survived the war in places like Tashkent.
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