Vital Records for Various Towns #ukraine

Chuck Weinstein <cmw521@...>

All of the Vital Records we have access to are listed on Town pages at Ukraine SIG's home page ( There are a lot of vital records for towns that are held in various archives in Ukraine. Few have been fully cataloged and even fewer have been digitized. The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People and hold most of the latter. We are working with the Central Archives to acquire and index their records, but it takes a Town Leader, first of all, to create a project, and then to coordinate a fund raising project to acquire and translate the records. If the towns you are interested in do not have a Town Leader, records, if they are available, will not be acquired, indexed, and put on line by us.

See your town's page for a list of records we are able to acquire. Contact me about becoming a Town Leader if you want to help us go beyond that point. Thanks!

Chuck Weinstein
Towns Director, Ukraine SIG

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