Ukraine SIG update #ukraine

Janette Silverman

I was thrilled to see so many of you at the recent conference in
Seattle. Thank you to all who made on the spot donations, who attended
both Ukraine SIG meetings and who were at the Ukraine SIG luncheon. All
of the SIG activities and seeing so many of you made the conference very
special for me.

To all of you who made donations so that we could acquire the data I
wrote about in June and July - we made it and exceeded our goals.
Hopefully donations to data acquisition and translation, as well as to
individual projects will continue to roll in. I have been interviewing
volunteer and professional translators with very limited success. Most
of the people I try out complain about the condition of the records and
ask (seriously) if we can get better copies - they are looking for
legible handwriting and well preserved condition of 100+ year old
documents - both the condition of the documents and the handwriting on
them are what they are and neither can be changed!

On the good side however, today (literally seconds before I began
writing this message) I sent off over 12,000 lines of data, primarily
vital records >from Moshny, Smiela, Priluki, Krasnoye, Shpikov, Vyazovka,
Nezhin, Byshev, Gostomel, Ignatovka, Kiev District, Rzhishchew,
Chernigov, Gorodnya, Konotop, Korop, Krolovets. There were also
thousands of names of people killed during the Shoah in Crimea, which
was part of a project we did with the USHMM,

Now is the waiting - it will probably take a year or perhaps longer for
the data to go live in the JewishGen databases. DO NOT email me and ask
if I can look through the data to find your ancestors. I cannot. If
you have made a contribution of $100 or more to a project whose data was
included in this list, then the project manager can send you an unedited
copy of the spreadsheet.

The next documents I will be proofreading to send to JewishGen for
inclusion in databases will be revision lists. Hopefully I will have
all the ones that we have translated completed by the end of December.
Data submissions can only happen quarterly. Please do not email me and
offer to help with the proofreading. This stage of data is the final
stage before submission, and I would still need to do it even if I had a
volunteer, so this is something I do myself.

What do we need? Volunteer translators and/or funds to hire translators.
How much money are we talking about? At least $750,000 to get all the
documents translated by professionals.


Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

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