Looking for partners for searching the Gaysin 1858 revision list #ukraine

Yoni Kupchik

Hi everyone,

I am planning to hire a researcher to search for names in the revision
lists >from 1858 for the city of Gaysin. This revision list (3 books)
is stored in the archives of Vinnitsa. If there is anyone who may be
interested in joining this research and split the costs please respond

Shabbat Shalom,

Yoni Kupchik

KUPCHIK - Orgeyev (Bessarabia);
GORODETSKY - Teleneshty, Soroca, Ataki (Bessarabia)
OKS - Sudilkov, Odessa (Ukraine)
SITNITSKY - Kanev area, Ekaterinoslav area, Zlatopol;
SHABADASH - Shpola, Kharkov, Zlatopol and other regions in Ukraine (Ukraine)
DORIN - Odessa (Ukraine), Bessarabia;
SHKODNIK - Khoshchevatoye, Gaivoron, Ladyzhinka, Odessa, and other
towns between Odessa and Uman (Ukraine)
GLUZMAN - Krivoye Ozero, Bogopol, Goloskov, Golovanevsk (Ukraine)
KRIMAN / KREIMAN - Khoshchevatoye, Gaysin (Ukraine)
KOSOY - Dobroye and Kherson area, Chigirin and Kiev area (Ukraine)
RABINOVICH - Brusilov, Novi Bug? (Ukraine)

And all of the above in Argentina

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