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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

David Dubin >from Teaneck NJ wrote: "on a death certificate of an ancestor in Bratislava, her 1942 death is
listed as being caused by "otrava krvy." Google translates otrava as poisoning, but doesn't translate krvy.
Does anyone know how to translate krvy?"

David, I as sorry to say that in 1942 there can be few choices: suicide by gas, cyanide or veronal etc or if
purely medical: blood poisoning or if accidental: mushrooms or other poisonous plants or botulism.

I chose "blood" to start with as I wanted to get away >from the recent suicides and found this: krvavy
[acute accent on the letter y]

Czech krvavy bloody, sanguinary, gory, sanguine, sanguineous.
Slovak krvavy bloody.
Slovak old krvavy bloody.

So I suspect that is what it is.

I used this site

I hasten to add that I speak not one word of Slovakian or Czech.
I wonder if your ancestor did not in fact commit suicide and this was just a euphemism and also would like
to know if my deduction is correct?
Is this a standard abbreviation used by doctors?

I know one or two SIG members who could certainly let us know.

Celia Male - London, U.K.

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