Ukraine SIG December 2016 #ukraine


Dear Friends:
Thank you so much to all who have supported the efforts of Ukraine SIG and
JewishGen through your monetary contributions and your contributions of time and
effort in the endless task of locating, acquiring, translating, transcribing,
proofreading data for the good of everyone. Not all of our projects are actively
seeking funds so if you want to make a donation but don't see a specific project
that meets your needs, it means that there is no project manager. Since we have
well over 200,000 pages of documents still to be translated, >from all over the
Ukraine SIG territory and more that is waiting to be acquired, your donations to
either Ukraine SIG general fund or to digital acquisition and translations would
be the best place to direct your donation.

I have just submitted about 2,000 lines of data pertaining to marriages
in Zhitomir and in the Nezhin District. Many thanks to Alex Kopelberg
and to Moshe Kuten for their hard work in preparing these translations. Next up
with anticipated submission at the end of the first quarter of 2017 (data can only
be submitted once a quarter) are tens of thousands of lines >from revision lists
which have been awaiting my completion of review of vital records. There are no
vital records currently in the queue for final proofreading (but that will probably
change soon).

To answer your questions before you ask them:
1) I have no idea when these will appear in the JewishGen Ukraine
Database - I don't think that the material I submitted in September has
been included in it yet

2) I cannot perform a search for anyone of these translations nor of any
others we have done. If you have particular interest in a project we are
working on for which funds are being collected and you donate $100 or
more, the manager of that project will give you copies of the
spreadsheets with translations before the transcriptions are proofread.
If there is no project soliciting funds then spreadsheets are not
available. That is the case of the current submission of data to JewishGen

3) I cannot provide anyone with copies of or access to the documents we
use for translations. This is per agreement with the agencies and
organizations that give us access to the data. The Ukraine SIG website's
town pages have a description of all data we work with and where the
documents come from.

4) I cannot recommend guides, researchers or anyone else. For
recommendations, look at the JewishGen InfoFile on genealogists - these
are recommendations made by individuals, not by Ukraine SIG.

I wish everyone a wonderful remainder of Hanukkah and a secular year
filled with all that's good.


Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

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