Searching for info on great-grandfather: Srul MINSKY from Odessa #ukraine

Daniyel Berchenko

Hello Ukraine SIG Community,

This is my first time posting here. I'm researching many branches of
my family, but thought I'd begin with the one that I'm focusing most
on right now.

I'm trying to find any information I can on my great-grandfather and
his family. His name was Srul Shulimovich MINSKY. He lived in Odessa
pre and post Revolution. I don't know his birth or death dates. But he
died before WWII. Srul's wife was named Rivka. I don't know anything
else about her. Based on Srul's patronymic name, his father was Shulim

Unconfirmed information I have on Srul is that he was a rabbi in
Odessa before the revolution. My father thinks he heard that he was a
Reform rabbi, but not sure about that. I'm hoping to confirm if he was
a rabbi and find in which synagogue or prayer house he served as a

His daughter, my grandmother >from my father's side, was Dina MINSKY.
She was born in 1908 in Odessa. So Srul was likely born before 1890,
and likely closer to 1880 or slightly before because Dina had two
older brothers. I don't have any information on her brothers, Srul's
sons, other than they immigrated to the U.S. sometime before WWII and
we think that they then immigrated to Israel sometime after the war. I
don't know their names or birth dates.

The birth-record of my grandmother Dina indicates that Srul came to
Odessa >from Yuzefpol, Ukraine (pre-Revolution name). The town's
current name is Yosypivka. It is in the Kirovohrads'ka oblast.

If anyone has any information that can help me fill in the blanks, I
would be grateful for you sharing it! You can email me at

I'm currently travelling and actually visiting Odessa right now. I
have access to the archives. If anyone knows if there's a file there
that simply has an alphabetical listing of past Odessa rabbis, and in
which collection it would be, that would be super helpful. But perhaps
no such simple listing exists?

Thank you,
Oakland, California, USA (when I'm not travelling)

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