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Dear friends--

My problem has to do with the dates and names found in records >from the Ukraine. The documents were listed on the KDRG Contributors web page. I would appreciate any insight of advice you can provide.

My great-grandfather was Israel Mydansky. Various documents indicate his date of birth as 1848 and that he was >from Shumsk. His tombstone indicates a birth date of 1848 and that his father was Yechiel. Some family members think his mother was Golda. Israel's wife was my great-grandmother Hannah Malkah.

I was delighted to confirm most of this with a translated 1883 list of Shumsk births in 1883. There is record for a child, "Yitschak", born to Yisrael Majdanski and Chane Malke on July 16, 1883. Yisrael's father is listed as Yechuel >from Rakhmanov.

Question 1: Who is this child? I had a great-uncle Max Isaac, born in Shumsk, who used the date of birth July 3, 1884. I suspect this is him, although travel documents list him as Meier. Does it seem correct to assume this birth record is for Max Isaac?

The family appears in a census of Rachmanov for 1858. (Israel Leyb and Yochiel were missed in the survey of 1850.) Parents Yochiel and Enya Zlata are 45 and 40. Son Israel Leyb is listed as 23 years old and another child listed as 5. This Israel would have been born in 1835.

Question 2: The people in the census seem to be my ancestors, but the dates of off. What should I conclude? Also, the middle name Leyb is new to me. Still, Israel Mydansky, son of Yochiel of Rakhmanov seems like it ought to be my great-grandfather and his father. Thee names match those of the tombstone and the place matches the one in the birth record >from 1883. Also, the name Zlata matches the name Golda.

Question 3: If Yochiel's patronymic is Sruliov, can I conclude that my 3rd great grandfather's name was Israel?

I want to think the Rachmanov records are my people, but I am really uncertain. I'd love to appear opinions of more experienced researchers.

Thank you.

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