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Ariel Parkansky

Hi Steve,

The MNI is an index generated by the Ukraine SIG for records sent to JewishGen for their inclusion on the JG Ukraine database (JGUD).
The objective is to have a quick view of names related to a specific town without creating a huge database containing the full records.

As the process of inclusion of the records on the JGUD take some time, it could be possible that some records on the MNI are not yet available on the JGUD. In fact, there's even a note in the MNI page informing that.

In some other cases, the type of records indexed are not accepted by JewishGen (like indexation of kehilalinks websites) and therefore are not available in the JGUD.

Anyway, when you enter a MNI record by clicking the magnifying glass icon, you can see a lot of information (as a minimum the source of the information and, when it is available online, a direct link to the source).
In the case of the 4 Kupel records, you can see the type of record (two different death records with the corresponding related persons), the origin of the record (SAVO Fond 905 Opis 99-138 delo 13), as well as the names of the persons, the related persons and the related places.

Both for the death of Basya and Reisya, you see in the Record comments "Cause of Death: Maladies / Comments: Kupel society", so it is clear why the record appears on the Kupel Town page.
Ariel Parkansky
Ukraine SIG Information Systems Director


Subject: Ukraine SIG Town Pages and the MNI
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2017 17:11:15 -0500
X-Message-Number: 2

Some time ago, I assumed the role of Town Leader for Kupel, in
Starokonstantinov district. There has not been much activity there, since
there are not any records currently available. So I was puzzled by the link
on the Town page for the "Master Name Index" (MNI) which brings up 4 "hits"
that are actually cross-references to records >from another town that happens
to mention Kupel.

Another researcher for Kupel asked me about it and I couldn't provide a
satisfactory answer. I can't seem to find a good explanation for what this
database is and how it is updated. The 4 records that I get don't seem to be
on the JewishGen Ukraine database, and the links point me back to the Town

Can someone explain what the purpose of this database is and how it is
populated? And how I get to the records? Thanks.

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ USA

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