Explanation about the list of surnames, mentioned in old records of Mogilev Jewish community, 1848. #ukraine


Dear Researchers,

I recently posted surnames of people that lived in the year 1848 in
Mogilev, Podolsky gubernia (region); and the moderator posted the
note: "An explanation of this list would be helpful." So I want to
suggest the explanation.

Once I read old vital records in the state archives. These were birth
records. These records were made in the metrical book of a local
synagogue >from January through December, 1848, in Mogilev. The records
were made in both Yiddish language and Russian language. I read them
in Russian language. This was old Russian language. Totally I found in
the metrical book 249 birth records. These were 121 birth records of
girls and 128 birth records of boys.

Though I understand that to know only surnames of children that were
born in the year 1848 Mogilev is not sufficient for researchers
interested in such knowledge, yet I thought I would post the surnames
and it would give an idea of families that lived there that time. To
translate records completely, type them would take much more time. The
birth records usually include date of birth, place of birth, names of
parents and names of children that were born. Usually that old time a
family had >from three to sometimes ten children; a family had more
children; a family had less children; but at least there often were
several children in one family.

I organized the surnames in an alphabetical order that it be
convenient to see. But I can send the surnames in the sequence that I
saw them in the records. This way it can give an idea of a month when
a family had a child born.

Best regards, Vladimir Kreschyshyn

Moderator Note: Thank you. This explanation was quite helpful, as is your work.

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